What is WHMCS, and how it works as a complete web hosting management solution?

What is WHMCS, and How it works as a complete web hosting manager over other platforms

A lot of businesses offer web services like reselling hosting to their clients. The most hectic work is to manage the data of the clients unless you hire a team to manage the onboarding process for your clients. This is the place where WHMCS comes into play and saves your precious time and money. It creates and manages all the data of your clients and keeps you updated and free from all the manual work.

If you are still wondering how is that possible, then let`s dive deep to completely understand the concept of WHMCS, what it is and how does it work.

The full form of WHMCS is Web Hosting Manager Complete Solutions. It is a complete client management solution that manages data of your clients, automates billing, creates and manages accounts data, and many others that we are gonna explore in the next step.

What are the Best Uses of WHMCS in the Web Hosting business

WHMCS is not just a solution to manage web hosting services but there are tons of other benefits of using it, we are listing some of the best uses of it below that can be useful to save time & effort:

Client management: WHMCS is widely used as a client management system because it maintains complete information of the clients.

Order Management: it automatically creates orders and collects all the important information about the buyer.

Product Management: With WHMCS you can easily manage your products. you can view and modify all of the settings of your client`s products.

Manage Domains: WHMCS allows the automated management of domains including Domain Registration, Domain Transfers, Renewal/Extensions, View & change Nameservers.

Easy Integration: WHMCS is a Flexible and compatible Web hosting management solution. You can easily integrate WHMCS with more than 200 web hosting control panels like cPanels, Cloudflare, cPanel, Weebly, Plesk, and Liquid Web, etc.

Server management: With WHMCS you can easily manage servers. You can add or delete a server reality within seconds. WHMCS gives you access to create a server group where you can assign products to many servers in one go.

Activity logs: The activity log in WHMCS records every event that occurs. It allows for tracking who and what initiated various actions and allows for troubleshooting any errors or problems that occur.

Web Hostings: increase your products and reduce your manual work with WHMCS Web Hostings Automation. From creating an account to terminating, WHMCS helps you to automate all of your user journeys, which saves your time and effort.

Invoice Management: WHMCS gives more leverage to you when it comes to payment and invoicing. It automatically generates invoices for recurring services and products. You can easily send customized email templates to your clients.

Transactions and Payments: It enables multiple features when it comes to transactions whether you are collecting payment for a single invoice or a payment for multiple invoices. Everything is done with a seamless experience. It also allows customers to add funds on a prior basis so that they can pay in advance for their invoices.

Support & Assistance: With the Support Ticket system you can easily handle all communication with your clients whether your clients are open to threaded discussions, private notes, ticket flagging & varying priority levels, etc.

If you are the one who is still struggling to get a seamless and steady experience of your web hosting business, then WHMCS is your only partner that can help you to be on top of your clients and manage all kinds of data and products with a single hand.

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