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Useful attachments like screenshots and access details to your environment are more than welcome.

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Ticket Submission Guidelines

Please follow the following ticket submission guidelines while submitting a ticket to us:

  • Your subject of the ticket should be clearly describing your problem or request. Explicitly specify the request/incident in the subject line. It will save us time and allow us to respond more quickly.
  • Make sure to reply to the ticket in your email inbox always while following up on an issue with us instead of sending a new email. If you reply to a “resolved” ticket, it will get re-opened as we will understand that you still have queries on that issue.
  • Please don’t send directed emails to any of us by name as the person you direct may be already working on some other issues.
  • Make sure to submit one issue per ticket while submitting a ticket and avoid hallway requests.
  • After closing a ticket, please don’t send us a thank you email as it will re-open the ticket.
  • Make sure to indicate your incident or request type like whether it is a service request or change request.
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